Kiddos and Crafts

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Kids are hilarious!

J: Why do those girls take so long to eat?

Me: I dont know ask them.

J: Why do you take so long to eat?

Girls: We dont know.

Me: Tell them they are weirdos.

J: You guys are weirdos.

And then one of my other kids says

E: That goes for me too!

Me: Haha, you guys are hilarious!

E: We know.

Me: Oh sorry I didnt know you knew all that.

E: Its ok I dont blame you.

Permalink Modivation to get the kiddos, to tie their shoes!
Only one so far cant wait for us to add more shoes!
Permalink A little late but still super cute!

Sometimes when I feel and look like crap its when I’m most apealling to men.

Today I went to get the food for my after school tutoring kids. I noticed this older man kinda looking at me but since a migrane just started to appear I kinda stared ignoring anything but my head. When all of a sudden he looked at me asked me my name. I told him, and them he proceeded to tell me I’m gorgeous. I haven’t been called gorgeous ever I think. It was flattering, but strange. Why would you just go up to people and say something like that?

Permalink Love it when the kiddos draw a picture of me, don’t you just love the detail of my earrings!
Permalink This is a pumpkin I just had to have when we went to the pumpkin patch, needless to say had to take a picture of it.
Permalink A thank you card I made for our visiting Fire Fighters. 
Needless to say their teacher (me)  had a great, awesome, amazing day!!!